Balaclava Woman

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Only the best Belfast Fat strippers northern Ireland has to offer with the famous woman herself Balaclava woman. Yes as seen on TV and endless vital social media videos this is the woman for all pranks. With this lady you know your victim is gonna be embarrassed like no other. Be warned Belfast Balacalva woman is like no other with her more than bigger than life character. A warning does come with bookings this act. Only the very brave can handle her so talk nice to this lady if you want her to do as you ask or else. Spare undies and shirt is advisable for booking this Belfast bomb shell stripper.

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Chubsy Tickler

Chubsy Tickler

The famous funnyman Chubsy Tickler will bring the stripper experience to a whole new level with his plenty of party games and tricks to embarrass his victim like no other male stripper. Theres always plenty of surprises with this big man and always an excellent choice to bring that comedy to your party. Make your party an unforgettable one with plenty of memories with this big man.To book this lady be warned as she is not for the faint hearted and will sure to leave your party with plenty of laughes after embarrassing your victim.

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